Team Road Runner

The Barnacle Show @ Peter’s House

Vs Birthday Surprise-=-60 yr old Photo Retouch

A remastered +- 58 year old photograph

13-14 hours

Peters House Trailer

The Birth of Neptune’s Bastard” A4 ink sketch

Freestyle A4 ink sketch

Between 10 and 5 Feature

Thanks to Between 10 and 5 for the rad write up.

Check it out here

Thank you Design Times for the cique write-up

L’ oreal 4D Mascara

Stereoscopic images made in conjunction with 3rd House for the L’oreal 4D Mascara Press Launch

Shnurf Shnaps

Doom Boom Rocket- Work in Progress

Swamp Farts

Analogue photos

Psychedelic Seaside Circus Party

Billboard Illustration For New Years Eve Party in Kenya